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Sygic GPS Navigation 13.2.0 build R-49525 WinCE 5, 6 Map Europe TA 2019.03

Comment télécharger? How to download?
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Comment télécharger? How to download?
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Sygic GPS Navigation 13.2.0 build R-49525 WinCE 5, 6 Map Europe TA 2019.03

Message par rgmaster3 » ven. 11 oct. 2019 23:02


Publication year: 2019
Platform: WinCE 5 | 6 (resolution 800x480)
Interface language: Multilang

Sygic GPS Navigation for WinCE from Sygic, the creator of the world's most popular GPS navigation application. Take advantage of one of the most reliable navigation applications for professionals with an excellent routing function and accurate premium maps.

• High quality TomTom maps are stored in the device
• Works only with GPS, no internet required
• Navigation with detailed voice instructions
• Details of many attractions are pre-installed for free.
• Free database updates of fixed speed cameras

• Sounding street names that let you concentrate on the road
• Three alternative routes to choose from
• Easy editing of the route by dragging its elements on the screen
• Waypoints of intermediate routes that you want to visit
• Disable toll roads on the route

• Dynamic lane guidance for safe conversion
• Intersection view function for marking motorway exits
• Speeding alarms
• Warnings for fixed speed cameras
• Warnings about police posts from other drivers.

• 3D functions of the city and 3D landscape for easier orientation
• Walking navigation
• Integration of the car radio via Bluetooth or cable

• Traffic support to prevent delays during daily commuting
• On-board display with Head Up display (HUD) for displaying GPS directions on the windshield

Assembly functions:
- System adapted to 800x480 resolution
- Works even in the background (you can switch from Sygic nav to radio and vice versa etc.)
- Alternative routes and inversions are included in the settings.
- Sidebar attached
- Installation works only with maps in v9 format for Sygic Car
- Russia map supported (the original does not support)

- Extract from the archive and copy the folders "WinCE", "Res", "Maps" to the root of your SD
- Run the .exe file

Download section, see bottom of this page

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Re: Sygic GPS Navigation 13.2.0 build R-49525 WinCE 5, 6 Map Europe TA 2019.03

Message par jacquesmathey » jeu. 26 mai 2022 14:22

super merci


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