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Carminat Tomtom (None Live) + Europe 10.35 gps map 2019

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Carminat Tomtom (None Live) + Europe 10.35 gps map 2019

Message par rgmaster3 » dim. 15 sept. 2019 19:03

Carminat Tomtom + Europe 10.35 map (Aug. 2019)
(with new 8843 navcore)

Compatible with the following cars:
Megane - 2008-2010
Laguna - 2008-2010
Scenic - 2008-2010
Kangoo - 2008-2010
Fluence - 2008-2010
Espace - 2008-2010
Traffic - 2008-2010
Master - 2008-2010
Mascott - 2008-2010
Koleos - 2008-2010
Clio - 2008-2010

This pack is not suitable for Carminat Tomtom LIVE!!! (cars from 2011 -->)


Covers up to 48 countries in Europe:
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canary Islands, the Vatican City, Cyprus, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Gibraltar, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russian Federation, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia

1. Very important: disable your antivirus, otherwise it will hijack FastActivate.exe which is needed for map/navcore activation!
2. Copy content of the SD folder to the root of the FAT32 formatted SD card
3. Start the car and insert SD and wait for the error message: "You cannot use this map on this device: Europe...."
4. Unplug SD card from the system and go back to your PC
5. Look for the folder LOOPDIR (it containts unique fingerprint of your Carminat unit) and open file ext3_loopback with notepad
6. Search (Ctrl+F) for "uniqueID" (line with your device unique 10 digit code with letters & numbers)


7. Write down your uniqueID and close the window
8. open file ttgo.bif with notepad and replace DeviceUniqueID number with your number (10 digits without space between them)


9. Save & close
10. Run FastActivate.exe and select:
...Update meta
...Patch maps, voices....(if successfully patched you'll get -->.dct OK under Complete Map(s) section. If not, you did something wrong!
...Patch navcore (It should be already patched)

11. Quit FastActivate.exe
12. Open Voice folder and delete all 3 .dct files which were automatically created by activation procedure. If you leave them, than those 3 voice files won't work!
13. Go back to your car, insert SD and enjoy your new Europe map update!

Note 1:
This version includes latest navcore 8843 which will fix GPS Week Number Rollover bug which recently (6.4.2019) affected some older Tomtom devices, including Carminat Tomtom & R-Link!

Note 2:
You can use any 8 Gb SD card for this update pack (CID is not relevant).

Download section, see bottom of this page

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Re: Carminat Tomtom (None Live) + Europe 10.35 gps map 2019

Message par fadiltv37 » dim. 10 nov. 2019 17:30

السلام عليكم .
يا اخي من فضلك هل تغير اسم ext3_loopback الي ttgo.bif وشكرا


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