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ETKA 8 Germany + International 2018 32/64Bit + Updates VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi

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Comment télécharger? How to download?
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ETKA 8 Germany + International 2018 32/64Bit + Updates VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi

Message par rgmaster3 » ven. 3 janv. 2020 14:45


This is the latest ETKA 8 Release including an Update Link to keep you up-to-date.

This is a full version of the Original VW/SEAT/SKODA/AUDI Electronic Parts Catalogue including the latest updates,
which you can install native or virtual [VM] on every Windows 7/8/10 32Bit/64Bit System.

Please read the following instructions carefully !
Installation Instructions:
1. Download all .rar Files, extract it and start ETK8_2018-V1.exe
The Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation.
Needed Files in the attached link: ETKA8_Germany_International_2018.part01-16.rar

Use WINRAR or 7-ZIP to decompress the Files or you'll get "Wrong Password" Error !






2. The Install Password (not archives password) is: LexCom@ETK8_2018-V1
Note: Please type in the password manually, the setup doesn't like Copy & Paste.


3. The install process continues with the necessary Hardlock Driver Installation.


4. The System will be restarted automatically, if not please do it manually.

5. Your ETKA 8 is now READY - if you have an x86 (32Bit) system.
If you have ETKA installed on a x64 (64 bit) system, please read on!

NEW - ETKA is now running on x64 (64Bit) systems too - NEW:
In 64Bit systems we have to emulate the Hardlock manually.

6. Download the Applicationx64.rar File and extract it. Needed Files in the attached link: Applicationx64.rar

7. Before you can start the Hardlock Emulator Installation, be sure you have installed
the Windows Update KB3033929 (just for Windows 7 x64), if not please install WIN7_KB3033929-64.exe.

8. Now you can start the Emulator Installation - run ApplicationX64.exe


9. After the installation, you'll find an Emulator Icon on Desktop - start the Emulator
and confirm the installation request. The emulator has to be started.



11. Your ETKA 8 is now READY - also for your x64 (64Bit) system.

Note: The above x64 (64Bit) solution works just fine with this ETKA release.


What are the Installation Requirements for this program ?
- Full Admin rights
- At least 25 GB of free available Disk Space
- NET-Framework 2.0 or 4.0
- Disable Windows Defender, Firewall, Viruses, and background Programs
- Index Drive for fast File search (Checkmark put under: Drive\Properties)

How to Update ?
To keep you installation up-to-date you can use the Update Link on the desktop !

If you have a problem in installing ETKA in terms of:
- mfc100.dll
- msvcr100.dll
- msvcp100.dll
Please download the DLL_PATCH, extract and run it.
Needed Files in the attached link: dll_patch.rar

Section téléchargement, voir en bas de cette page
Download section, see bottom of this page

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Re: ETKA 8 Germany + International 2018 32/64Bit + Updates VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi

Message par svfsdf » sam. 4 sept. 2021 21:56



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