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Peugeot Citroën gps Europe de l'ouest 01.2020 NG4 PSA Navidrive 3D / Wip Com 3D

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Peugeot Citroën gps Europe de l'ouest 01.2020 NG4 PSA Navidrive 3D / Wip Com 3D

Message par rgmaster3 » jeu. 14 nov. 2019 15:22


This is the unofficial update 2020-1 of the HERE maps for the NG4 GPS, that can be used on the Wipcom3D (Peugeot) and Navidrive3D (Citroën)

This update is version 3.39.0:
- this is not the official version (no update of PSA for NG4 since 2016, and probably never ...)
- it is adapted from the latest BMW 2020-1 maps from Here (BMW Road Map EUROPE WEST PREMIUM 2020-1)
(Only the newer TERRAINS files come from the BMW Europe NEXT 2020-1 version)
- it includes 3D representations
- it now recognizes French accented characters in country names
- it allows access to the TMC (traffic)
- it does not include POIs
The calculation of the arrival time was imprecise in previous versions.
Not yet verified in this version ..

This map covers all of the following countries:
Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, San Marin, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Vatican City.

Only the main roads are covered for the following countries:
Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Letonia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia,
Turkey and Ukraine.

Installing the update
You can refer to the discussions of the previous updates for more information: here and there
IMPORTANT The NG4 firmware must be in N42c version.
If not, update the firmware before the mapping
Moreover the update weighs 14.33 GB, be patient for the download

1) Copy the entire contents of the Maps NG4_2020_1 folder to the root of a USB flash drive or SD card.
IMPORTANT It must be formatted in FAT 32 on a PC and contain no other file.
There should be at the root of the key or SD only the folder "pkgdb" and the files "config.nfm" and "PSA_ECE_2020_1_3.39.0_DVD1.md5".
The best is to use a USB key (faster than the SD) of capacity 16 GB minimum
2) Start the engine and let it run throughout the update, because it lasts 40 to 50 minutes, and the NG4 goes to sleep after 30 minutes when the engine is stopped, which blocks the update. day. It is possible to drive during the update, but never stop the engine until it is finished +++
3) Put the USB key or SD card in the place reserved in your vehicle (for the USB key under the central armrest and for the SD card on the front of the Navidrive3D / Wipcom3D).
4) The NG4 screen offers an update -> Validate.
The update begins ... wait ...
5) At the end of the update, the system asks to remove the USB key or the SD, then validate by OK and the NG4 restarts.
If everything went well, you are in version 2020-1
You can check it by pressing and holding the Setup key
6) In the event of a crash with an error code 0x26E, validate by Ok and the update must resume where it was and end without any problem




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